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Send a loved one a caring fruit basket gift while they’re on the road to recovery from illness. A lovingly prepared get-well-soon fruit basket shows your sincerity for your friend or family’s well-being. Our range of fruit basket options is created to brighten their day, delivered straight to their door or hospital bed. 

Our selection covers healthy goodies and options for your basket, such as Dorset Muesli and Rowse clear honey. Pick the right get-well basket for your loved one to enjoy by browsing our selection today.

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Wish Them A Fast Recovery With Get-Well-Soon Baskets 


Our get-well-soon fruit basket deliveries are ideal for loved ones recovering their health. These extravagant fruit baskets are filled with fresh fruit that is enough to cheer up anyone currently at rest in their home or at the hospital. 

Our get-well fruit gift baskets are suitable to be delivered at home, any hospital or care home around the UK. Wish them a fast recovery with our deluxe selection of fruit gift baskets today. 


Healthy Fruit Baskets To Restore Their Health 


What better way to wish for someone’s well-being than to deliver a basket full of healthy fruits? There’s no doubt that fruits are full of vitamins and minerals, so a gift like these fruit baskets is perfect for anyone on the way to restoring their health. 

Stock up your friend or family member’s five-a-day by choosing our refreshing fruit-filled baskets as a Get Well Soon present. Whether your friend, partner, sibling or colleague is under the weather or bed-bound, they will feel rejuvenated with our Get Well Soon gift baskets. 

Check out our selection above!


Ideal Gifts For Anyone Recovering


For anyone currently recovering from sickness, these gifts are ideal for them to feel better soon. With a wide variety of baskets to suit all tastes and styles, you’re not only delivering healthy products to your loved ones but also giving them what you know they’d appreciate more. 

Select from these baskets with different options, including Tony’s Chocolonely Chocolate, Red or White Whine, and Russ’ Teddy Bear. 

Get Well Soon Baskets FAQs


Can you send a fruit basket to a hospital? 

Yes! With our delivery system, you can be sure to send a loved one in the hospital a fruit gift basket. You will need to be wary of the fruit’s freshness. We can guarantee that the fruit comes fresh from our store, but you must be sure that the fruit can be fresh once delivered. 


What fruits should you put in a get-well-soon basket?

You can put any fruit in your get-well-soon gift basket. There are no ideal fruits you can put as a get-well-soon gift, any fruit will be good for any sort of sympathetic fruit basket. 

All fruits provide the right amount of vitamins and minerals we need to stay healthy, any fruit will do! 


Are fruit baskets ideal as a get-well-soon gift?

Yes, fruit baskets are one of the ideal gifts you can get someone recovering from sickness. Not only are fruit baskets beautifully made but they’re also packed with nutritious fruit that can be shared if appropriate. 

You can also customise fruit baskets by adding more products to make them special. These can include chocolates, cheeses and wines.