Mothers Day Gift Inspirations

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It’s Mother’s Day on the 6th March this year, and we’re already anticipating that our Mother’s Day fruit baskets will be flying off the shelves (hint hint!).

But have you ever wondered why Mother’s Day is such a big deal for the kids who will (we hope) be forking out on the person who brought them into the world. It may not come as a massive shock to learn that it wasn’t always so!

Much like other holidays such as Valentines’ Day and the run-up to Christmas, Mother’s Day has become a great excuse for us to spend, spend, spend on someone we love. And, of course, if you didn’t quite get it right with her Christmas present, Mother’s Day might be a great opportunity to re-address the balance and treat her to something really special.

It may not surprise you to know that we spend more on Mother’s Day than we do on Father’s Day later on in the year. There’s a really simple reason for this: it means more to Mum than it does to Dad. In fact, spending on Mother’s Day is thought to be as much as three times that of Father’s Day, which Britons are far more likely to forget. The cost of fresh flowers is thought to be another driving factor.

So, if you’re struggling for inspiration, we’ve compiled a handy visual guide to help you really treat your Mum on her special day. And we must confess to bias here – we think you should buy her fruit.

Go on, you know you want to….