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Wellbeing Fruit Basket
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  1. Premier Fruit Basket 64.95  GBP

    Premier Fruit Basket 64.95 GBP

    As low as: £60.91

  2. Classic Fruit Basket 29.95 GBP

    Classic Fruit Basket 29.95 GBP

    As low as: £27.77

  3. Cheese And Wine 42.50 GBP

    Cheese And Wine 42.50 GBP

    As low as: £38.88

  4. The Friendship 36.95 GBP

    The Friendship 36.95 GBP

    As low as: £34.10

  5. Energy Basket 37.95 GBP

    Energy Basket 37.95 GBP

    As low as: £35.35

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Fruity Fact

Mangoes are the most favourite and number no 1 fruit in the world.

Wellbeing Fruit Baskets

Has a family member, friend or colleague feeling poorly or a little under the weather? Why not treat them to the wholesome pick me up they deserve? Say I’m thinking of you and speed up their road to recovery with one of our beautiful well-being gift baskets. You might be asking yourself, "why fruit?" Well, fruits contain a whole array of vital vitamins, minerals and fibres that are essential for maintaining both physical and mental health. That’s why here at GoGo Fruit Basket, we have created the perfect healthy food gift to make sure your lovely recipient passes their next health check with tropical colours.

Our detox well-being fruitbasket, is suitable for anyone who is looking to get in shape too. Not only does the colourful goodness contained within this box help to eliminate toxins from the body, it also contains a bottle of Belvoir Fruit Farm Cordial, which will speed up the detox process. All that is needed is a small amount of water.

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  1. Premier Fruit Basket 64.95 GBP

    As low as: £60.91

    The Premier incorporates a large selection of both traditional and mouth-watering exotic fruits from the Caribbean, the Far East and the Americas. It is an impressive Fruit basket that leaves an impression long after the contents have been eaten. Learn More
  2. The Office Break Feast 55.50 GBP

    As low as: £51.46

    The perfect start to any day for your all of your staff. Contains a fine selection of traditional seasonal fruits especially chosen to keep the whole team happy.

    Learn More
  3. Fruit And White Wine 39.95 GBP

    As low as: £35.92

    A fine white wine rests in a sea of seasonal fruit. Fruits include a variety of crisp juicy apples, sweet pears, crunchy seedless grapes, galia melon, easy peel citrus.

    Learn More
  4. The Friendship 36.95 GBP

    As low as: £34.10

    Based on the classic fruit basket, we've added a Russ baby bear. A great healthy fruit basket with a great teddy Learn More
  5. Energy Basket 37.95 GBP

    As low as: £35.35

    A fruit basket for those who want to send something more than just fruit. Contains an assortment of flapjacks, nuts and fruit. Ideal for the busy executive with a sweet tooth. Learn More
  6. Classic Fruit Basket 29.95 GBP

    As low as: £27.77

    A classic basket in a classy basket! It contains an assortment of mostly traditional British and European seasonal fruits specially chosen to be full of taste and healthy goodness. Learn More

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6 Item(s)

Variety of Fruit Baskets

Hand-selected from the best fruit trees, our healthy gift basket is a tempting assortment of bananas, kiwi, apples, grapes, and oranges – all rich sources of Vitamin C, Vitamin B and Vitamin A, bursting with health benefits. To view our range of hearty assortments, simply click the link to our wellness gift baskets. Consisting of the finest seasonal products, our local produce fruit baskets are sure to put a smile on the recipient’s face. Our Pick Me Up and Detox selection boxes both contain a delicious selection of fresh fruits, dried fruit and healthy snacks including goji berries and crunchy granola. Each box is packed with the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients the body craves to repair itself, making it the perfect gift for anyone feeling a little under the weather. Looking for some variety? Why not try throwing our fruit into a juicer to produce some nourishing, fresh fruit juices that will keep your patient going through the week.

So, whether the goal is to boost the immune system, detox or simply help keep in shape, incorporating this nutritious fruit basket into a healthy diet is a deliciously fantastic way to do so. There are a few things to take into consideration when selecting the perfect get well soon gift for your loved one. Please bear in mind who the recipient of your gift will be and what their tastes are. This allows us to create a personalised wicker basket carefully tailored specifically to them. Please be advised that some baskets may contain nuts and, therefore, may not be suitable for those with nut allergies. If you are unsure of the recipient’s special dietary requirements or intolerances, we recommend you speak with someone close to them before placing an order.

Custom Fruit Baskets

Here at GoGo Fruit Basket, we offer you the opportunity to customise all of our fresh fruit baskets. Whether you wish to add extras such as a beautiful, soft Russ Teddy Bear and/or a selection of decadent chocolates – we’ve got you covered! A couple of sweet treats are sure to land you in the patient’s good books.

Ordering your Well-Being Fruit Basket

Please note that any orders placed before 2.00 pm (Monday to Thursday) will qualify for our free next day delivery service in England, Scotland, and Wales. Orders placed before noon on a Friday will occur an additional surcharge for next day delivery.

If you have any questions regarding any of the services we provide, please do not hesitate to contact us by email, telephone, or via the contact form on our website.