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Fathers Day Fruit Baskets
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Fathers Day Fruit Baskets

Fathers Day Fruit Baskets

Fathers Day 21st June 2020

Our Fathers Day hampers are the perfect way to show your love and appreciation for your Dad. We have created a special range of gifts for sending to your dad on Father’s Day. As always, your gifts will be prepared by hand to our very high standard of presentation and freshness. We love fruit and want to share that passion with every one of our customers.

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  • Boozy Beer and Cheeky Cheese Basket 42.50

    Boozy Beer and Cheeky Cheese Basket 42.50

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A Range of Customisable Fruit Baskets

As well as fruit, we also stock a number of other treats your Dad will enjoy, so you can customise the hamper specifically to them. We stock a range of classic fruit baskets, as well as pink fizz, mighty fruit and muffin, cheese box taster, cheese wine and spice and many more.

Our fruit is all fresh and delicious. Our fruit hampers will contain standard fruit like apples, bananas, pears, oranges, as well as seasonal fruit to ensure your Dad will have a wide array of produce on Fathers Day.

If your dad has a sweet tooth, be sure to add some delicacies to the hamper. Fruit goes great with baked goods. Our locally produced muffins, flapjacks and caramel shortcakes will have your Dad’s mouth watering.

If your dad has more savoury taste buds, why not opt for one of our cheese boxes? Our cheese Box Taster contains a selection of 3 welsh kinds of cheese, pate and Scottish oatcakes. These cheese’ and biscuits go excellently with fresh grapes, apples and oranges. Why not add a bottle of red wine to the mix too?

With each of our hampers you can add any of the following:

  • Green and blacks chocolate
  • Rose Cremat de Loire AOC
  • Russ Teddy Bear
  • Red Wine
  • White Wine
  • Muffin/Flapjack mix
  • Dairy Free Chocolate

As luxury and delicious as the items are, most of our hampers also come in a stunning wicker basket, you can use again and again. The wicker basket also ensures your fruit selection is delivered damage-free and arrives safely. Not only do we supply fresh fruit, wine, cheese and biscuits, we also present and display these beautifully and securely.

If you can’t make it yourself to see you dad on Father’s Day, don’t worry. We can deliver your customised gift hamper anywhere in the UK. We also offer free next day delivery if you order before 2:00 pm (Monday-Thursday). Saturday deliveries, however, will incur £10 delivery charge.

All of our fruit is Grade A, Class 1 and hand-selected. Rest assured your Dad will receive a beautiful, jam-packed wicker basket full of the best quality fruit and extra items on Father’s Day.

Saturday deliveries will incur an extra charge of £10.