Ever since the 80s, we’ve been hearing about getting our 5-a-day. There simply was one moment when all the researchers and specialists, backed up by the government considered people weren’t getting nearly as much fruit and vegetables as they should be. And they were completely right. Packaged, semi-cooked dinners, and fast food found at every single street corner made it extremely difficult for us to keep a healthy diet. We preferred hot dogs and hamburgers to apples and bananas simply because they were better tasting and a lot faster. Now, however, we have something to show for it. Obesity reached a peak in the western world (the US and Western Europe as well), and more people than ever are dying because of heart diseases or suffering from diabetes, gout and other dietary related conditions. Actually, despite all the authorities’ efforts, studies show that the vast majority of people actually don’t eat the required 5-a-day, which is a very discouraging thought and a dangerous condition.